After the "I Do's" Game Show

After the "I Do's" Game Show

After the "I Do's" Game ShowAfter the "I Do's" Game ShowAfter the "I Do's" Game Show

Laughing Does the Body Good! This is THE comedy, reality and competition game show that will keep you laughing from beginning to end. 

Pastors Edition & Season Final

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This LIVE Experience Will Keep You Laughing!

You will never guess what these couples might share. This is comedy show that acts like a game show while giving you a comical peek into the lives of married couples as they discover how well they know ... or don't know each other.

July 2018 | Host - Terry Tuff

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February 2018 | Host - Les Long

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About Us

Vernita Griffith | Executive Producer

After more than 20 years working in the non-profit sector, Vernita G. decided to expand on her passion and previous work in marriage enrichment. Continuing to focus on marriage, she created the After the "I Do's" Game Show where a light would shine on the good and funny part of marriage.    

She strongly  believes that improving the communication between couples will strengthen their marriage relationships, enhance family bonds, and make our communities stronger. She believes that we all benefit from stronger communities and  that laughter contains a healing power which is often overlooked and many times underrated. Comedy is key!

It All Started ...

The first LIVE show was held in Clayton, NC in February 2018 to a full house.  This hilariously funny game show features couples, who are married any number of years, that answer revealing questions that illustrate how much they know…or don’t know about each other. When their answers match, they score points and the couple with the highest score wins the fabulous grand prize. The questions give us more than a peek into the lives of these couples all while maintaining a steady stream of laughter at the clean comedy.

Connect With Us

We are excited to be able to offer the LIVE show at venues near and far. Contact us today and let's talk about how to bring this comedy game show to a venue near you.

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